image thumb11 Internet TV Is Veoh The Perfect Place For Fans?

Veoh is a very interesting Internet TV site; it not only provides a huge selection of TV shows or videos but also streams some videos directly from other Internet TV sites such as Hulu. This is quite a good strategy as it allows Veoh to expand its library and that too without having to store the videos. What more does a site need than this?

The thing that is quite frustrating about Veoh, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that the content available on the site is quite cluttered. Compared to other sites, the clips and videos available on Veoh are often misleading and irrelevant since the clips are mixed with the full episodes that you are looking for.  The reason for all this cluttering is that many clips and videos are submitted by the users, so when you search for a specific video you will come across the search result showing many irrelevant videos and user content that is of no interest to you. Due to these unprofessional and user-submitted clips, the site often looks amateur when you are searching for professional TV shows.

Adding to this, the other problem with Veoh is that there are many clips of the shows for which the full episodes are not available. By seeing the clip you can be misguided that the full episode is available but in reality it isn’t.

Despite these drawbacks, Veoh does offer a good library of TV shows for you and is a good source to find one. On this site, you can find any show from any network you want. Also Veoh is noted as being one of the very few sites that offers full episodes of ABC and CBS shows


The notable feature of Veoh is that it has an extensive community for you to participate. Although the site started with the submission of contents by the users, it has expanded itself and has now included TV shows too. Due to this, the interaction with other people has become possible by the means of rating your videos, commenting on the videos and also by participating in discussions on the channels on the forums. This participating and discussing on shows is an interesting feature for some who with watching the Internet TV also like mingling with people having same tastes.


Finding help or support on the videos by Veoh can be quite complicated since it extracts videos from numerous sites. But if you require some technical assistance the easiest means to obtain one is by consulting the FAQs page. On this page, you can find answers to the common complaints and your problem might have been answered there too. On the site there is also a user guide available that can help you understand how the site works and also on how to use its features.


Veoh doesn’t have that professional look or feel and isn’t an easy one to navigate, but it does have an extensive library of content available for selection. Therefore, you can just find anything you want to watch on this site. The community that Veoh has built through its videos is its greatest strength. So if you are looking for a place that provides a combination of entertainment and interaction, then Veoh is definitely it.

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