jabbify logo Instant messenger for your Website, by Jabbify Jabbify is an instant messaging service, which you can integrate onto your website, as an added attraction and can also grasp feedback from the visitors about your website for further development and ideas.

Jabbify is supported by Jupiter IT, which specializes in rich application development, design and consulting.

jabbify thumb Instant messenger for your Website, by Jabbify

Jabbify is quick to add, it takes only 60 seconds to add IM to your website. It adds a certain charm to the website, as IM is pretty common on every website lately, whereas it also gives your dynamic site an added feature. Engage in creating constructive dialogues with the people that matter most, your website visitors/users of course. You can also customize the IM’s look and functionality to match your website.

Installation is easy, follow these steps and you’ll have it up in no time:

Select the suitable option to add Jabbify to your pages:

· JavaScript <script> tag

· Blogger/Blogspot

· WordPress

Register your website:

After installing Jabbify on one of your domain’s pages, use Jabbify to register your website.

jabbify grab Instant messenger for your Website, by Jabbify

If you already have a Jabbify account, sign-in – otherwise sign-up.

That’s it, you’ve officially got Jabbify on your web pages. Now make good use of it.