image thumb49 Infographic: LinkedIn And The Road To IPODid we miss out on reporting about LinkedIn making it big in connection to its IPO?  We didn’t, hectic and to be honest I was bamboozled reading how crazily it registered a $92.99 per share at the New York Stock Exchange. Has it really happened?

The social network for professionals had been worried about not being profitable in 2011, something that must have been worrying investors and the folks at LinkedIn alike. But all of a sudden, news catches flare, it starts from a good $45 per share, rises to over $130 plus and finally settles for $92.99. If things stay in perspective, our very own Reid Hoffman will be a billionaire on paper. I am more interested in how many of folks in the tech industry are going to invest in LinkedIn’s stocks? $92.99 takes it quite far from the pockets of many a folks, but seriously, if it can double it offerings it has enough to bait in some cash from investors.

Here’s an infographic on LinkedIn’s road to IPO:

image thumb50 Infographic: LinkedIn And The Road To IPO
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