image thumb52 Infographic: iPad Against Android, Microsoft TabletsWith the Apple iPad 2 out in the markets along with a plethora of other tablets it is always a tough choice to make, what to buy and what not. Obviously fanboys of any brand or operating system would never look at anything else, but some users always lookout for the specs to make the right decision. An informed one as they think of it.

Following is the comparison of some latest tablets that have been released lately. These include the Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad 2, Samsung’s C 7 Sliding Series and the Notion Ink Adam. The comparison has been made in connection to the Operating Systems, Processors, battery life, camera functions, etc. We thought it will be better to share an infographic about this instead of writing about each and every bit, which is difficult to read and also write.

image thumb53 Infographic: iPad Against Android, Microsoft Tablets

What table are you planning to buy? What factors do you look forward to when it comes to purchasing a device? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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