image thumb100 Infograph: 44% Of All Online Sharing Is Via Facebook!

I somehow find it more interesting to share infographic on numbers and trends and I bet many of our readers have come across numerous graphs. The most recent caught my eye on what platform are people using the most on the Web for sharing.

Not surprisingly Facebook takes the lead here and I am not at all surprised with the stats released by AddThis, a widget that you see installed across numerous sites to make sharing across numerous platforms easy. The AddThis widget is installed across 7 million plus domains and has support for over 300 services.  According to the latest trends released over 44% of all sharing activity online occurs on Facebook, which is over 33% what it was last year.

I guess for those of you following how virally the Facebook Like Button has invaded almost every site on the Internet. The interesting bit is that Gmail has outgrown by 395%, growing larger than StumbleUpon. I will leave the rest of the explanation for the Infograph below.

image thumb101 Infograph: 44% Of All Online Sharing Is Via Facebook!

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