image thumb103 iKobo Bites Dust, One Less Online Money Transfer Service

iKobo, an Atlanta, GA- based online money transfer service that was originally founded in 2001, is discontinuing its operations with immediate effect. According to an email sent to its users:

We regret to inform you that iKobo is discontinuing services. Effective immediately, no further money transfers to your iKobo account will be allowed. Your card issued by Palm Desert National Bank will continue to be active until November 13, 2008. Your card will no longer work after this date. However, the card funds are safe and guaranteed, even after the card is de-activated.

Please use your card at an ATM or to make purchases between now and November 13 to spend down the balance of funds on your card. Any remaining balance as of November 13, 2008 will be refunded to the sender, the US resident, as stated in the bank cardholder agreement (, link at bottom of page to “US Program Terms and Conditions”) .

We will assist you in any way possible. If you have any further questions regarding the above notice please contact us at

It has been a pleasure serving you and we appreciate your business. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.