image thumb141 Ifbyphone launches Virtual Call Center Service: Call Distributor

Ifbyphone today made another major announcement as they launched their new service, the Call Distributor. The service would enable small and medium sized business an easy way to build their own call centers. This would include all the technical facilities found in call centers but removing the need to spend on finding equipment or software. The virtual center would enable access from any where and from any phone. The Call Distributor includes the following capabilities:

  • Agents are defined as available based on a schedule, a web interface or via a  phone call from any phone.
  • Complete queue size and wait time control;
  • Support for customer-supplied audio prompts, queue messages and music on hold;
  • Callers may choose to leave a queue at any time and are routed to voice mail or an IVR application according to a web-based configuration;
  • A complete web-based agent dashboard with call notification which includes reverse lookups, integration with and customer data options;
  • A sophisticated, web-based management dashboard, which displays agent status, call statistics, calls in queue and supports the transmission of messages to agents.