image thumb8 If its Web Based Business Collaboration software you need, OfficeMedium is where you get oneIf you are looking for an on demand web based solution for social collaboration service, OfficeMedium provides you an efficient and easy to use platform. Be it any work, from event coordination, file sharing or contact management, the platform offers users a wide variety of functions to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. The dashboard is pretty neat with easy to navigate options and numerous features which include advance search, calendars, file sharing, etc. And the winning part is definitely the computing on cloud, which eliminates the need to have backup servers at your workplace as well as eliminating the need for software installation and management. I mean what else would you want to smoothen your office work? The pricing model itself is pretty simple: instead of choosing between annoying packages and chunks of user accounts, you simply, automatically get billed each month based on your current amount of users and memory consumed ($6/user, $1/gig, free 512MB).