image thumb10 If it’s a scene you always wanted to watch over and over, MovieClips is your stop!

Of course YouTube is the obvious video destination for us all but that is more generic, I mean what if you just want clips of Movies? Out comes MovieClips, which finally goes public after quite some time in the private beta. That wasn’t bad, given that it comes out with more than 12,000 clips and deals with half a dozen major Hollywood studios; which include the names like Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox, etc. The two minute clips are easy to watch for, given that you can search for them by artist or movie name or even using what the scene was like, for example you can look up for funny or action and these scenes are displayed as thumbnails and users can watch the preview. The rest is quite similar to our daily online activity, like you can favorite a particular clip or share it with your users.

The site is pretty tidy and definitely the top spot for people like me who have long been forced to watch the whole movie to grab the best scene. The monetizing is based on affiliation as users buy their favorite scenes right from the sites where they are available. And the winning part here is everything is legal! It will be interesting to see how it fares with time and where it stands after a year in business.