image37 ididwork: Manage and keep track of your workWe tend to forget all that we do throughout the year, be it enjoying our holidays, important achievements at work or simply where we made a major investment in from our budget. Putting all that down in a diary  is tedious and not easily accessible an it is for the same reason ididwork comes offering you a way to keep track of your work history in an easy and more accessible way.

It’s not just history that you can keep for the work done or achievements of individuals, but the task feed feature offers real time stats of what exactly your team is up to, relieving you and your time of the unwanted status meetings. So you get to manage a team, put your years work and achievements in a neat and readily accessible log and improve your team performance by sharing reviews and feedbacks every few weeks. The biggest advantage to it is that you get to remain in touch with all teams members even if you aren’t there and can remain informed on day to day work and decision being made in your absence.

ididwork simply offers you a chance to be more in control of your work, with charts that provide matrices on team members’ performances and more importantly guide you on where and what your time as a team manager be spent upon. With features that include Time Spent doing a Task; which lets you know how much time had been spent completing a given task etc.

image thumb24 ididwork: Manage and keep track of your work

So you have all the management tools up your sleeves with ididwork, from keeping track of the work you have done to maintaining a To-Do List for your daily work. ididwork definitely eliminates the task of maintaining a countless accounts for the same services across various platforms. And occupations where time is money, ididwork is the right place to get your management and team in for better performance and communication.

ididwork recently launched its integration with various IM services. This feature lets users to simply log their entries via their messenger services making it faster and much easier. We here look forward to the service doing good as it rolls out more features in near future.

image thumb25 ididwork: Manage and keep track of your work