IdeaStorm Forces Dell Once Again, This Time to Bring Windows XP Back
Due to extraordinary customer demand on its IdeaStorm site, Dell has announced that it will be shipping Windows XP once again, starting immediately.

Dell switched to Windows Vista, just like all other PC vendors, after the official launch of the new operating system from Microsoft in January 2007. However Vista was not faring well with just 20 million copies sold, thanks to being bundled with the new PCs by the Computer Vendors, who in turn were facing growing pressure from consumers not to slap them with Vista.

The suggestion to ship Windows XP was posted on IdeaStorm, a Digg like site that Dell created to gather feedback from customers, and within two months gathered more than 10,000 votes in its favor. Dell today has officially responded to the suggestion on the Ideas in Action section of the site by saying:

We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings. Based on your feedback, the following Dell consumer systems with Windows XP are now immediately available on

* Dell Inspiron: 1405, 1705, 1505, 1501
* Dell Dimension: E520, E521

These systems offer two flavors of Windows XP – Home and Pro. We appreciate the continued feedback from the IdeaStorm community. Keep ‘em coming!

dell tux linux IdeaStorm Forces Dell Once Again, This Time to Bring Windows XP BackThis is not the first time that IdeaStorm has forced Dell to make radical decisions. Last month Dell promised to ship Linux pre-installed on its PCs and Laptops due to popular demand from thousands of customers. The move will likely save them a lot of bucks of “Microsoft tax”, by eliminating the need to configure their system from pre-installed Windows.

Social Media is really turning out to be a powerful force in PR and Customer Relationships and this is yet another example of companies using it to keep consumers happy. This move however will continue to intensify the heat Microsoft is receiving on Vista, and it seems that shipments delays were not the only nightmares attached with this version of its OS.


 IdeaStorm Forces Dell Once Again, This Time to Bring Windows XP Back