image thumb24 HP Putting Mobility and Technology to Better Use, Organizes Bloggers Meetup in Pakistan

There is definitely a need for events that help encourage bloggers and social media addicts to come under one roof and communicate with each other. I have always been in for this and admire initiatives taken by industry giants to do the same. Luckily the entire scene is getting a lot of air in Pakistan too as HP plans to close this year with a bloggers’ event in three major cities of the country, namely; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The event will also be giving away its Notebook to deserving bloggers and the event is just one of the many it has in plans. To be honest it is definitely going to encourage more people to get serious about the blog, more importantly the industries out there who would see the potential that Blogs have. That doesn’t mean they don’t know about it, its just many avoid giving them the priority like they have in other parts of the globe.

I have said so all the time that Pakistan has a vast potential and an equally massive market to cater to. The Technology meetup is more than just a welcome step for those like me. If you happen to be in Pakistan, you can register for the event here; HP Technology Meetup. Look forward to seeing fellow bloggers there.

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