image thumb31 HP Murders The WebOS! Goodbye HP Touchpad

The worst that can happen for a die hard fan of any product is open your Google Reader and find out that your beloved product is about to be killed. While this applies to many scenarios, this time it is for the HP fans. Now before I come over to the news, a flashback.

Last year HP was creating ripples across the globe with the acquisition of Palm, and Palm earlier hiring an ex Apple employee. Everyone highly anticipated Palm’s WebOS to change the game for HP, then there was silence, then a ripple again with the TouchPad, a period of silence once again and today news breaks out that HP will be killing the WebOS altogether. So long for the HP lifesaver. But things come and go, especially if you are struggling against the top notch in the smartphone category like Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android based smartphones and the Windows Phone 7 and above. Wait, but was HP ever in the race or Palm for that matter?

Honestly putting the word out, I never anticipated HP to do any good with this operating system that came loaded with the Palm deal. I think the ultimate fate of the WebOS probably lies in throwing it out for the developers to do something about it [doubt if any developer would waste a minute on this one] or devise a radical use for the same. But I believe that if HP couldn’t pull off the WebOS on a smartphone, it is definitely going to do nothing with it in any other way.

Are you one of those unlucky folks who have been in love with the WebOS? Please share your grievances in the comments, we can’t do much, but can share your story with everyone, maybe HP might reimburse your money for the heck of winning customer loyalty.

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