image thumb66 How To Unlock Angry Birds Locked Worlds On Android [Video]

I am a big fan of the Angry Birds on my Android based HTC Desire and there is not a day when I don’t kill time playing it. But seeing those unlocked worlds makes me angry, firstly because it is a huge pain to unlock these by playing. And secondly who has all the time when there is a day job, a blog to maintain and Formula 1 news to follow and write on? I don’t and a bit of work around had me with this step step by guide on how to unlocked Locked Worlds on Angry Birds on Android.

You can follow the steps below to enjoy the unlocked worlds instead of playing through each. Make sure you win the First Level to ensure that the world remains unlocked the next time you restart Angry Birds.

1. Start Angry Birds on your Android based smartphone

2. Bring the world you want to unlock to the centre and hit the back button until you are out of the game.

3. Quit and restart Angry Birds and when you see the Play option tap it continuously.

4. You are done, the selected locked world of the Angry Birds is now unlocked and all you have to do is clear the first stage to keep it unlocked for all times.

I hope you enjoy this. We will soon be uploading a video for those who aren’t fond of reading tips.

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Originally spotted by braaaiins, via AP and GW