image thumb10 How To Submit Your Startup At Startup Meme?

We have been receiving complains lately both from our readers and startup founders alike over the lack of not reviewing the startups submitted. We realize the shortcoming but as almost all our readers are aware that it is just one writer on Startup Meme. This makes dividing and more correctly managing content a bit difficult, given I receive a bulk of emails on tips, startup submissions etc. We here just went over a few things and thought it will be more appropriate for us to design an outline that all founders, startup owners can follow to submit their idea.

If you own a startup or have an idea please make sure you provide answers in the email submission. This would give your startup a chance to be readily listed on Startup Meme and give our readers valuable tools and services that they can choose from. Our purpose at Startup Meme is to make sure we have the maximum startups profiled on our blog. This is exactly why we are asking founders to submit their startup this way.

We have shifted our Startup review business to Engine021. This has been done specifically to ensure Startups get to be written about and aren’t left out in any manner.

Engine021 logo How To Submit Your Startup At Startup Meme?You can fill out the Google Form provided on the link below. This is far quicker and your submissions are tabulated in a neat order, helping us do reviews on the first come first serve basis!

Please make sure you answer all the questions given below and email the same at []:

Submit A Startup

  • URL:
  • Description:  [200 – 300 words, Please ensure the content is unique and not copy pasted from your about page or some other blog]
  • Category/Keyword: What problem does your blog solve? What category does the tool cater to? You can specify a maximum of 3.
    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3.
  • Name Of the Startup:
  • Snapshots: 1 Title [Maximum Width 550] and a couple of snapshots of different pages
  • Location: City, State / Country:
  • Zip Code:
  • Team Members:
    • Name and respective positions:
  • Cell Phone:
  • Skype:
  • Email:
  • I accept to get updates from Startup Meme.
  • Require Funding:    Yes      No


  • If You are in Beta or have Special Promotional Offers do share those with us. That’s the best way to entice our readers.
  • Startups that really qualify to be world changing will be eligible to be interviewed by us.
  • Have a partnership plan? email to discuss opportunities!
  • If you need to have us review your startup specifically please email me [] or send me a direct message at@smohkim or Facebook [Sardar Mohkim Khan], on Skype [smohkim] to know about terms and conditions.