Who wouldn’t try thinking of a way to smuggle a few iPhones across borders and countries? I mean it’s not like smuggling life threatening items like drugs, endangered species, etc, but stealing is stealing nonetheless and the worst bit is to fail doing so.

image thumb41 How To Smuggle 44 iPhones… to Fail!

That is what Engadget reported earlier. A 60 year old woman trying to even out her age by smuggling 44 iPhone devices from London to Israel. She was caught at the Ben Gurian International Airport, upon reaching the destination. The old lady had all those 44 iPhones strapped around her waist and no matter how enthusiastic she was, walking with all those Apple iPhones around her waist proved to be a bit awkward and caught eyes of the authorities.

Kudos to her for making the effort but for those of you trying to make such an attempt just make sure you learn from her mistake and not wrap 44 iPhones round your waist, I mean if you are 50 plus and not Arnold or Sylvester to carry the weight. Not that we encourage stealing or smuggling!

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