image thumb30 How To Run Android On The iPhone [Videos]

One thing that keeps me from buying an iPhone is that I have absolutely no idea how to run Android on the device. The reason being I love the Android for being the most powerful mobile operating system coming from Google and at the same time have all respect to the perfect hardware from Apple in the form of the iPhone.

I decided to Google out a few tutorials to see if there are better ways to hack the iPhone 2G primarily because it is dead cheap in the region and it wont hurt me if I tested the hack. I came across a few How To’s to get this done. It appears that folks at Linuxiphone and AndroidaLot have already put hacks to answer queries of folks like myself. The video below is quite detailed and explains the steps quite well. You can follow the instructions to be followed here.

Guide to Installing Android on iPhone 2G from AndroidALot on Vimeo.

There is also a separate hack available here, this one in particular answers your key on question on how to enable dual boot. The video below explains how you can actually achieve this.