image thumb95 How To Remove Apps From iPod Nano 6G With Springboard App [Video]

It was reported yesterday about James Whelton of managed to hack the 6th Generation of iPod Nano. The developer has managed to give us more news with his step by step guide on how to remove apps and add spaced to the iPod Nano 6G.

I am not going to reiterate the entire procedure for now but with his guide users will be able to remove apps and add blank spaces instead to the springboard. The iPod Nano is Windows formatted and utilized the custom boot for the device. With this being done, chances are that we will be soon hearing about how to jailbreak the iPod Nano and install custom apps. The likes of which we have already mentioned.

If you are with one those new iPod Nanos, the video below has all the necessary procedures that you can follow to remove apps on your iPod Nano.

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Thanks Taimur image via GadgetLite