image thumb54 How To Fix iPhone, iPad StutteringI guess almost always loved the iOS 4.3.x update for bringing us numerous improvements to our iPhones and other iOS devices like the iPad and the iPod Touch. This included the much improved AirPlay that enables users to stream media content from their iOS devices right to the Apple TV. Other than this was another notable inclusion of the Personal Hot Spot, that allows users to have other devices to connect to their iPhone, iPad, etc to utilize their network. But there were some lags in the functionality.

However there is a fix available for this and before you plan to proceed, just be cautious enough to back up all your data on the iTunes. While this isn’t specifically required for this purpose, it is always good to ensure things are in perspective, just in case something goes wrong. You will be required to jailbreak your iPhone in order for this modification to work.

I bet most of you already own a jailbroken iPhone but just in case you don’t make sure you visit the step by step how to guides on Jailbreak your iPhone towards the end of the post. You can follow the steps as mentioned below:

1. You are required to access the phone, which can be done by numerous tools like iFunBox for Windows or the iPhone Explorer, a cross platform serving same purpose like the iFunBox. You can also get an SSH client by setting up OpenSSH [WinSCP for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac]. The purpose is to navigate your way to the following destination:


2. Once that is done you will have to make sure that you get the right file as per your iOS device. For example:

  • For iPhone 4 N90AP.plist
  • N88AP.plist for the iPhone 3GS.
  • N81AP.plist for the iPad Touch 4G.

Copy these files to your desktop and edit them with notepad and search for the following lines:


Once found you can simply replace the same with the following:


With this done, save the edited version and place it back on your iPhone, restarting it upon completion. This would resolve the issue with stutter and you are good to use the same.

However there are some problems reported like:

  • The Status bar flashes for a very small duration
  • Cydia won’t work if you close and reopen it instantly. Though this issue can be resolved by simply exiting Cydia altogether from the multitasking window.

I personally won’t mind this small issue, given it improves on the much larger problem.

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