image thumb6 How To Unlock HTC Phones

For those who find it impossible to push themselves to the limit by fearing unlocking their smartphone devices continue with a bulky preloaded carrier software. Which to be honest is useless [in my opinion], takes up a lot of your mobile storage and should be the first thing to get rid of. But if you happen to have bricked your device attempting the same, you refrain from following the best and guaranteed of procedures and step by step guides. I know I would if I were to go through this.

We already talked about quite a lot of procedures on unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone or other iOS devices but I haven’t really gone deep into exploring steps on doing the same with the HTC. Despite the fact I heart the manufacturer. Perhaps I was a bit reluctant at overcoming my fear of unlocking as well and looked forward to an easy way out. However HTC Sim Unlock ensures that folks like myself get on top of the game and own an unlocked device.

The HTC Unlock Codes is where you can easily unlock any of the leading 12 HTC brands. The procedures are pretty simple and all that is to be done is to find the IMEI code of your mobile device. This can be done by simply entering the *#06# and with that done simply provide your Model and the IMEI number to have the original HTC Factory unlock code emailed to you.

The site provides users with a simple and easy to use software for $13.95 that comes with a money back guarantee, in case you aren’t satisfied with the results you get. So be it an Android powered HTC Desire HD or you are looking for HTC HD7 unlocking codes, they are just a download away.

What I love about having unlocked mobile devices is that they give you a freedom to use any network you like. This includes pay as you use networks that are pretty cheap compared to the other carriers. Also they help you better customize your mobile device. I mean HTC already comes with the Sense UI, top it up with a carrier’s preloaded software and you have little to experience of Android or the Windows Mobile operating system.