image thumb132 How To: Do Everything ‘Facebook’ From Firefox

There is nothing better than easing the process of how you use your device or a service, platform in particular and it gets even more interesting if its about the favorite social network: Facebook. There is so much one would want to do right from the menus on the browser instead of switching the tabs, etc. The Facebook toolbar for Firefox is one of the ways you can do the same with.

Simply download the add-on for the browser and you have the most frequently used Facebook options at your disposal. It confines all the Facebook Functionality as a toolbar and drop down menu and lets you be in control of the social network without having any window opened. The toolbar lets you do numerous things with just clicks of the mouse no matter if you are on YouTube watching a video, or reading your favorite article somewhere and feel like sharing it with your friends on Facebook. Just click on the toolbar and select the option you would like to make use of. Following are some of the things you can do with the toolbar:

Status Update: The toolbar has the dialogue box at the right to let you update your status directly.

image thumb133 How To: Do Everything ‘Facebook’ From Firefox

Search: The search bar lets you search friends or anything on the social network, simply type in your query and hit enter to view the results.

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Quick Link and Sidebar: The quick link provides a shortcut for all the important links to your profile like Privacy Settings, Groups, Events, etc. The Sidebar simply places a provides you a list of your friend’s most recent updates, clicking each person opens their profiles in a new tab.

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The toolbar is pretty impressive and easy to use providing a quick access to anything on Facebook without the need to have the page open. This is quite useful primarily when you aren’t the sort of person who wants multiple tabs open yet doesn’t like being disconnected from any activity that he/she wants to have on Facebook. The add-on is a must for all those who love Facebook and Firefox, wonder if there is any such thing for the IE? Anyone with a tip?

You can get the Add-on here.

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