image thumb11 How Safe Is Your Information On Facebook?

Earlier today Twitter asked its users to reset their passwords after a phishing scam set free earlier on the micromessaging service. Now haven’t there been many already on Facebook? While Twitter is definitely home to a lot of activity online, it can be less threatening given that you are primarily sharing links and very little information about yourself directly. So the most any one can do in a short time is learn about your pattern of activity across the platform, but have you thought about your Facebook profile?

To me its a haven for any hacker, the right place any hacker would love to toil to extract the best out of it. We have seen spammers making the most of it, so have the countless phishing scams. While all those have been about spreading a viral video or two every now and then, it just shows how vulnerable the whole population is.

Why Worry?

Well I won’t say the Facebook platform is insecure, the only issue is it has given the people involved too much to do with it. Primarily with the applications out there that have spamming the living wits out of every user on the social network. I know many of my friends who have very clicky fingers and are so polite that they would never turn down an app requesting access to their profiles and information. It has your name, location, pages you are a fan of and groups you have joined, all this is actively used to target content at you that you are bound to interact with and relate. The same information can equally be handled by hackers who can make use of this data in God knows how many ways.

Many of you might think that it’s foolish of me to say this. But if I only happen to know your name and the email address, I can post comments on any site or make a temporary registration to access a site or two. And trust me I have least idea about hacking or anything of the sort. The information on your facebook profile is way more and all it needs is a minor glitch, a fault anywhere and your entire data is in the hands of another person. Reminds me of the issue with AT&T where a problem with servers had people logging in to someone else’s profiles with their very own credentials. All that wasn’t Facebook’s fault, but it just shows that everything you have there is just an error away from being exploited, I mean if people can hack into Google via a flaw in the Internet Explorer, Facebook isn’t coded in ancient Mayan or something that it’s immune to hackers.

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