energy plant Hidden Cost of Gaming Consoles $1 Billion per Annum

Energy costs from gaming consoles left on, while no one is using them is costing the US households $1 billion per annum, according to a study conducted by Natural Resources Defense Council. This is leading both to increased expenses in energy expenses and extra payments to oil rich countries, but is also having adverse effects on global climate.

"If you leave your Xbox 360 or Sony Play Station 3 on all the time, you can cut your electric bill by as much as $100 a year simply by turning it off when you are finished playing," said NRDC’s Noah Horowitz. "With so many struggling in today’s economy-it’s important to realize there are simple steps gamers can take to lower their energy costs. And if manufacturers make future systems more energy efficient, they’ll be doing the right thing for consumers’ pockets, for our clean energy future, and for the environment."