image thumb8 Here’s Honeycomb! Google Officially Releases Video Of Android 3.0 At CES 2011

I am seriously disappointed with myself for missing out the CES 2011, laziness, sleep and by the time I woke up all important news was out. But I bet no one is interested in my personal story. The big news, Google has officially put up the Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb video online after it accidently posted the Honeycomb sneak peak video on YouTube. The video was immediately pulled off, but even immediate proved too much for the folks to record it spread the word out. That being said, there wasn’t really a point in Google keeping it a secret.

The next generation of the Android OS is dubbed to be the ultimate release and will come with support for the tablet devices, a plethora of which have already been displayed at the CES 2011. Google had the following to say about its totally revamped mobile OS:

We’ve spent a lot of time refining the user experience in Honeycomb, and we’ve developed a brand new, truly virtual and holographic user interface. Many of Android’s existing features will really shine on Honeycomb: refined multi-tasking, elegant notifications, access to over 100,000 apps on Android Market, home screen customization with a new 3D experience and redesigned widgets that are richer and more interactive. We’ve also made some powerful upgrades to the web browser, including tabbed browsing, form auto-fill, syncing with your Google Chrome bookmarks, and incognito mode for private browsing.

The Android 3.0, Honeycomb will also support the latest innovations and feature from Google Mobile. These include the Google Maps 5 with 3D interactions, Gtalk with video chat support as well as access to its mammoth 3 million eBook in its digital library. I personally think Andy Rubin has been doing a fabulous job at giving us improved versions of Google’s mobile operating system and this is just beginning to explode.

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Google Mobile via TC