twittererror thumb ‘Hate Twitter’ for one more reason!!!

If you’re a Twitter user, you must have observed drop in number of your friends/followers. Recently Twitter made a decision according to which they would be stepping up their Twitter spammer detection, but things went the other way as the algorithm made the service go wild. As a result, friends and followers in the twitter account disappeared. One way or the other, the service becomes useless and causes frustration among its users.

At the beginning of this week, ZDNet also reported that the micro blogging service users were not able to add followers thanks. Even in some cases the follower limits went to a 1:1 Twitter ratio.

twitter logo thumb ‘Hate Twitter’ for one more reason!!!According to ReadWriteWeb, there are a lot of companies which are using the micro blogging service for customer service which means that they will be following people more frequently than the normal users. This seems to be the right way of using such service, but what should one do when the algorithm can’t even differentiate between a community manager and a spammer?

Though the micro blogging service’s team works very hard not to make the service look bad, yet it happens frequently. This means that they have to re-define their strategy from the scratch or else they’re going to face issues like this one.

twitter sucks again ‘Hate Twitter’ for one more reason!!!

The service was working fine till yesterday evening but this morning the number of friends and followers dropped. Following is the status of Twitter updated on the site regarding ‘missing followers’.

Folks are reporting problems with missing followers – that is, seeing the follower counts drop on their profile pages.

We’re looking into this now.

Update: We’re going to go into maintenance mode to correct this problem.

Update: We are out of maintenance mode. The missing followers and relationships are being restored. It may take several hours for your relationships to be back to the way they were before this outage occurred. We sincerely apologize for the disruption in service.

They’re saying that its going to take ‘several hours’ to get the followers back. We hope that the service is restored in the shortest time. Let us all hope that the Twitter team won’t have to apologize again atleast for some time but who knows.

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