image185 Got Amazon S3? Get MyDropBin to Store and Share.

MyDropBin is an interesting new service which works on top of your Amazon S3 account to provide storage capabilites. It lets you save pictures, music, videos, URLs and more to your S3 account. And since S3 works on pay on how much you use model, you aren’t charged a definite fees for a huge amount of storage that you might never use.

The content is saved and organized in folders and tagged for easy access. Basically, you put your data on the could, making it accessible anywhere in the world through an Internet connection. It also lets you share your content, either by emailing links to content or by giving them RSS feeds to any of your folders and tags so that they automatically get updated whenever you update the data.

MyDropBin also charges you a small fees for their service, as well as you need to pay Amazon for using S3. From their FAQ:

All storage fees are billed directly to you from Amazon.You only pay for the storage you use, not a set amount for a certain size and you never use all of it. You can see a list of the costs here. In addition to those costs, MyDropBin will charge a small monthly fee in order to maintain folder and tag information, as well as creation of RSS feeds for those folders and tags.

This seems to be one issue that would probably make people use alternatives such as Windows Live SkyDrive which provides 5 GB space and does all what MyDropBin does, for free. MyDropBin also has a limitation that doesn’t let you upload files that are greater than 100 MB in size, which is absurd as Amazon does not have such a restriction. Also, another issue is the many times Amazon S3 has gone down in the recent past. So calling it reliable isn’t really a smart thing to say.

MyDropBin can serve as a good add on for users of Amazon S3, but for others, we would recommend to stick with the free services that provide all these options at no price. Live Mesh and Windows Live SkyDrive are just a few examples of how these features are already available for free. Not that we have anything against paid storage, we just don’t think this service is attractive enough for non Amazon S3 users to get an S3 account for.

image thumb170 Got Amazon S3? Get MyDropBin to Store and Share.