googlelogo3 Google’s App Engine Hack a thon coming live to SeattleGoogle App Engine Team has announced that they will be taking the Google App Engine Hack-a-thon to Emerald City, Seattle, on 28th August, from 10 AM – 06 PM. The team is urging people to join them on the occasion.

There is certainly going to be a lot to learn from at the Hack-a-thon. Training of main Google App Engine features which includes data modelling, the App Engine APIs, specific Django features, way to mashup App Engine with the rest of web services, will be included in the event. Engineers from Google will be present to help you out the whole day. Previously the team has been to New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

The Google App Engine Team will be building the full App Engine application the whole day and will be sharing it with the participants. This way participants will be able to code along with the team. If any participant thinks that he/she already has a cool idea, he/she can put it forward. Story boarding will also be appreciated. This is certainly a great opportunity for anyone to transform their idea into a real application and share it with others.

The facilities which will be provided includes power, refreshments and professionals to assist participants learn the Google App Engine and write their own application. Laptop, ideas and enthusiasm is what the team expects from the participants.

At the end of the day, participants will be given the opportunity to share their applications with the groups. The conference will be held at Google’s office which is at 651 N. 34th St.

You can sign up for the event here.

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