image thumb171 Google’s Android: ‘Is this the final set?’We have been anticipating quite a lot ever since Google tipped in with the launch of Android, the open source operating system for the cell phones. There had been a lot to say in this regard and predictions as to when the first Android based mobile will make it to the market. The time might very well be nearing as Google tipped out a working Android mobile an Google Developer day in London.

The new handset was shown up by Mike Jennings and the set appeared quite a lot like HTC’s Dream that is set to be the first set running the Android.

Jennings demonstrated various features and even Google maps, stating:

I spent two hours writing my own apps using a background thread and surface view to access the hardware buffer.

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Open source, free and with Google’s label attached to it, what Jennings mentioned about distributing the OS to manufacturers free shouldn’t surprise us. Why? Well Google plans at getting to the very core of the public and it knows that with the large number of people using cell phones, the idea should be to give them sets that run Android. Clever tactic, they know free always attracts masses and with Google behind Android, it already wins user confidence.

Since its open source, it means developers worldwide have a chance to fiddle with their creativity and build applications that as Jennings had pointed out will have a market place, pretty much like the App Store. What Android appears to turn out is plain opportunity for everyone.

Do Android based phones stand a chance against the iPhone?

image thumb172 Google’s Android: ‘Is this the final set?’