googletranslationcenter logo ‘Google Translation Center’, the new ‘Human Translation Service’Google seems to be working on a new feature called Google Translation Center. The service is more like a human based translation service. The service has yet to be functional. Currently if you try to login, it will show you the error message i.e. “Invalid request”.

If you have a look at the front page, you will figure out that with this new service you will be able to translate other documents, review them or simply upload a document and request for translation in over 40 languages.

The homepage of Google Translation Center reads:

  • Request translations and find translators
    Upload your document and request translations into over 40 languages.

  • Translate and review translated documents
    Create and review content in your language through Google’s free, easy-to-use, online translation tools.

According to the site:

Passionate about bringing content into your language? Browse through Google Translation Center to find open translation requests into your language. Accept translation requests and use Google translation tools to provide quick, high-quality translations.

googletranslationcenter homepage ‘Google Translation Center’, the new ‘Human Translation Service’

This feature will allow users to either get their stuff translated from professional translators or volunteer translators.

Philip Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped reported the news first. He further noted the terms and conditions of Google Translation Center:

Your interaction with any third party participant(s) or user(s) within Google Translation Center, including payment and delivery of goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such third party participant(s) or user(s) and Google is not involved in such dealings.

Now this means that you will be responsible for all your monetary transactions with the third party, and not Google. This new feature sounds good but we can’t have any final word until it is completely functional.

Google company profile provided by TradeVibes