google wave snapshots inbox thumb Google to transform Conversations/Communication on the Web: Floods out Google Wave

If it’s about bringing something new to the web, Google makes sure it maintains its leads. It did the same with the announcement (following that of Web Elements) of Google Wave, a new tool that enables in browser collaboration and communication, which can very well transform the way we define emailing. The idea is to make communication unified and concurrent, meaning that communication across the web should become analogous to how we communicate in reality. How does that happen? Well the team has built up a methodology that amalgamates email, chats, project management software and IM, giving us a chance to keep track of all activity as it happens, by recording every step in the communication procedure. With this technology put to practice, you will actually be seeing each character as it is typed, instead of waiting for the entire sentence to appear abruptly. The concept behind is to make conversations across the web Real Time and give users the power to feel the presence of each person involved in conversation. Now when I lay so much emphasis on conversation/communication it involves everything, from sending instant messages to sharing files.

I have very high hopes for this product and sure it will make waves as it comes out for the public later this year.