dlpage lg Google to Pull IE Trick with Chrome – Get it Pre Installed on PCs

Google is pondering on the idea of getting Chrome pre-installed on PC’s via some sort of a deal with OEMs, a ploy similar to the one employed by Microsoft in its bid to compete with Netscape in the late nineties. Launched in September, Chrome currently enjoys less than 1% of the browser marketshare. The details have been revealed by Sundar Pichai, Google VP, Product Management in his interview with Times UK:

Speaking to The Times, Sundar Pichai, Google Vice President, Product Management, revealed that Chrome will be ready to come out of “beta” testing by January, and that the search giant was looking at ways to make Chrome the browser of choice for the everyday user.

“We will probably do distribution deals,” he said, adding, “we could work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed.”

[via ReadWriteWeb]