image thumb36 Google to mix Chrome and Android; confirmedGoogle Chrome began with hype, until it was finally launched and reports had it to be climbing in on percentage share in the browser market. The browser so far making its base for the PCs is set to make quick inroads to the mobile world as well (soon?).

This hint has been given by Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin. Stating that; the technology can very well make its way to the Android, Google’s Operating system and software suite for the cell phone as Stephen Shankland reports. This  could very  well mark a splashing entry of the Web-Mammoth that Google is, into the mobile world, which it might very well dominate as well (just a thought seeing its success).

Although the two have been developed separately and the entire processes involved remain poles apart; Brin topped the launch of Chrome giving hopes that the browser would be integrated with Android (HTC set to launch a phone based on it). Why can this be a bit easier and faster? Well the JavaScript is one hint we have where improvements can be made and Android can bag in quite a lot from Chrome:

Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack.

Another reason that puts the task at ease is that both Chrome and Android’s existing browser utilize WebKit; an open source tool that is used to process interpretation on the HTML code, creating a web page and putting it up for display on screen.

So where does this lead to? The idea of making applications for the web; which are so dominant, working on the mobile devices and not just the PCs, the idea definitely appears alarming for competitors and a huge jump hat Google can make and land itself into an even more dominant name in the technology world. Are we going to see Google everywhere? Maybe, and Sarah Perez puts it up very correctly: Build with App Engine, use in Chrome on desktop or mobile, go offline with Gears. Not a bad strategy.