russiaday 07 Google to get a $3 billion Copyright Infringement Slap from RussiansIt seems, that Google wont get solace from legal battles any time soon. Just after Google backed out of the Yahoo Ad Deal to stay away from the courts, it appears that Russians would be pulling the Search Giant into courts on account of violating their patents on the contextual ads technology. According to Profy:

The CEO of the Russian company told to the Russian CNews branch (in Russian) that the technology of displaying ads related to content of a web page was invented by his company back in 1998. The technology was made public in a series of patents a year later, in 1998, and it took Google another year to implement the technology and start earning money off it. Some part of the enormous revenues generated with the technology the Russian developers want to get back.

The official amount of damages claimed has not been announced yet and will need to be determined by experts prior to filing the lawsuit but for now it is supposed to be in the range of $3 billion – 15% of Google’s profit.

What’s ironic about all this, is that the company wont be suing any Russian search engine for infringing the same patents.

[via Profy]