image253 Google stands up offering books, Amazon bewareAfter settling the Book Search settlement, Google has decided to flow out free with its online Book Store. The revenue generated from this would be split in a 63/37 ratio amongst right holders and Google. The store isn’t Google enough presently, meaning that it is limited to the U.S alone.

The catch here is that it makes accessibility faster and more effective. With this Google would enable libraries to get hands on the countless books for free, whereas students can have access via subscription. There is no news as to what format these books will be offered in (iPhone, Kindle, or the printable versions). One thing is set for sure, whether Google admits it or not that it will bring Google into a head on competition with Amazon. In an interview to the WSJ earlier, Google co-founder Sergey Brin stated:

I do support this idea that there are definitely high-value pieces of information that people are willing to pay for and buy, and [the payment model] should be up to the individual who produces it. I hope that we can broadly [sic] new model to more media types…

[Via Silicon Alley Insider]