image193 Google Search to expands across seas; ‘Data Centers on barges’It appears Google plans at hitting three major concerns with the latest development set to step up into a working phase as Times Online reports. Google currently plans at expanding its domination from land and air to the frontiers of sea with their own computer navy.

The idea is set to take shape when Google puts barges and deploys supercomputers; necessary for its search engine operation. These barges will be anchored around seven miles off the shores.

This is going to bring Google a huge relief by cutting down the cost it incurs at maintaining its supercomputers, in terms of electricity consumption to cool them down, paying property taxes for data centers etc. According to the paper, Google wrote:

Computing centers are located on a ship or ships, anchored in a water body from which energy from natural motion of the water may be captured, and turned into electricity and/or pumping power for cooling pumps to carry heat away.

Given the size of these data centers equalling that of a football field, they consume huge amounts of electricity to cool down. And according to analysts the carbon footprints for these may very well exceed that of air travel compared to 1% of overall consumption in 2005.

The diagram is pretty self explanatory;

  • The databarges are stationed up to seven miles off the coast.
  • The electricity to cool down the super computers is generated using the power of waves.
  • This power is used to provide energy for the ship and computers as well maintaining the circulation of cold water to act as a coolant.

The idea to cut down such costs had been underway by many a firms including Microsoft who proposed the isolated cold barrens of Siberia and the Sun Microsystems in Japan digging their data centers in an abandoned mine. Google taking it up to the sea sounds fantastic, but a gnawing concern is regarding the dangers involved with sea-storms etc. How is Google going to counter nature’s wrath in the vast expanses of the sea?

image thumb168 Google Search to expands across seas; ‘Data Centers on barges’

Diagram with thanks to Times Online)