real time 520x279 Google Rolling Out Real Time Analytics, Instant Stats, Instantly!

It was quite tiring to wait for Google to show updates to the Analytics on your blog or any website. There were issues with time zones, seeing if the breaking news that you just covered is being any good in terms of getting new clicks etc. While Google Analytics was a great a tool, it lacked the quickness of real time. Today it got better as Google announced Real Time Analytics Reports. Great!

I bet it will make many people more finicky and develop a more severe form of anxiety disorder, it will be of great benefit to everyone. Especially for us bloggers who are covering news round the clock an it becomes vital for us what hour of the day is more profitable in terms of clicks. This also gives us the opportunity to make an action plan if a certain news item we share is getting higher number of clicks.

While it helps in learning an overall spiked in traffic, it shows what immediate impact does sharing an item on Facebook or Twitter has. Again, it helps configure the right time to share any post, because that’s when you know that most of your followers are reading your stuff and sharing it.

The Real Time Analytics is to be rolled out soon for every user. But for those looking for an early access, sign up here!