g1 apps thumb Google removes apps from T mobile G1 phones ‘just before the launch’

As the release date of T-Mobile G1 phone is coming closer, people are getting excited specially those who have pre ordered it. If you are among the later category, you are certainly not going to like this; the number of applications that were reported in the Android Market were over 50 but now that number has cut down to 13 applications only. A number of decent applications that were already reviewed, are not going to be present in the phone.

Although people won’t stop buying the phone because of the lack of certain applications, users are not going to like it. The reason for cutting short applications is still not known.

According to the Android Community, one of the reasons might be that Google wants to cut short the initial bandwidth usage for the launch or maybe the company would be keeping quality check on the apps. Anyway the applications that are included are:

  • AccuWeather
  • Plusmo College Football Live
  • Myspace Mobile
  • imeem for Android
  • Plusmo Pro Football Live
  • BlueBrush
  • Maverick
  • MyCloset
  • Cab4ME Light
  • e-ventr
  • TuneWiki
  • The Weather Channel
  • BreadCrumbz
  • Buzzd