image thumb151 Google Releases Priority Inbox, Makes Your G mail Smarter

Google to me means big, improving your Web experience and of course including some concerns of putting too much trust on one service. But it has definitely evolved our experience with services like the Search, and more importantly, Gmail. The free email service continues to make emailing better. Today Google is taking a step further by helping you keep an eye on emails that are or should be your top priority.

The new feature called the Priority Inbox will transform how you categorize your emails, sort them and more importantly have only the most important emails available to read out of the clutter. How? The Priority Inbox is primarily an algorithm that learns how you read emails based on keywords, the people you more frequently email or get from. All these are then placed in a separated in this Inbox, so they appear above all other emails.

Learning user behaviour is a pet peeve for Google but this one is of great use. You can manually set the priority for certain senders lets say your boss from the settings. All these emails are placed in a new tab just above your Inbox and shows only those emails that need your attention. Right within the Priority Inbox are a couple of more layers titled the Starred; emails which you need to keep on top for future references and Everything Else, which has all other emails.

I am impressed by the recent updates coming the Gmail way and it adds up to more reasons why it is the only email service I use. The current feature is not yet rolled out but it will be soon for everyone.

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