image thumb12 Google Releases its Own Public DNS to Make Breeze Browsing Experience

Google today launched its very own DNS resolver called the Google Public DNS. Now I bet many of you aren’t even aware of what a DNS is, primarily because none of us actually has to interact or make use of it manually and is automatically handled by the ISPs we are using. Just to brief you up, it simply does the translation bit for us the humans and the machined; for example: converting the address to IP numbers like How? Well lets not get into the technicalities. Given the volume of requests we make and the pages we visit, each one of us performs quite large amount of such lookups and each can slow down the speed with which you browse the web. And Google is all about efficiency, which is why the juggernaut is after this with its own public DNS.

Now those of you who are really into the technical side, you can visit the Code Blog to learn how you can actually set up one on your own device. Others less technical, can either learn how to implement it or just relax.