image thumb29 Google Registers 23% Revenue Growth In Q3 Earnings, Looks Set For A Stronger Q4

Google just released its financial earnings for the third quarter and the results are remarkable. The earning have jumped up by over 23 percent to around $7.3 Billion with the net income rising to $2.2 Billion. The quarter to quarter growth stood at 7% with the share price climbing to $7.4.

From the financial summary, the Q3 shows strong gains over what the revenue was in the same quarter in 2009. The net income grew from $1.64 Billion in 2009 to $2.17 Billion in the current. The primary source of revenue demographically was the US where Google registered close to 50% of its total revenue, amassing $3,517 million compared to $2,929 Million from the rest of the world, excluding the United Kingdom where it generated $840 Million.

Overall the report is all pleasing for everyone at Google and its CEO, Eric Schmidt was more than glad to register the profits in the current quarter. What’s interesting is that we are yet to see what impact would real time have in the last quarter of the current year, given that it hadn’t really created a spike in the current.