image thumb136 Google Real Time Search Gets Its Own Homepage And New Features

When you have a great product, you need to make it stand out and Google has done exactly that with its Real Time Search. Lets go back in time when Google launched this last year and honestly it made the search results page ugly. Thanks to all those Twitter updates stuffed between results, which proved to be more bothersome than helpful. Today the search giant has given a new page to the Real Time Search.

That’s a relief for me and many others. Other than that it offers plenty of features to further refine search. Some of those include:

  • You can refine searches with respect to your location, this would let you find updates near you.
  • Additions of view full conversations. You can now view discussions and follow them as they happen in real time, the tweets are organized from oldest to newest.
  • Inclusion of Google Alerts. You can now stay informed on any topic that you choose and create alerts for any updates that happen. this would send you an email the instant there is something that appears on your topic.

Those are just few and from the looks of it, the page and the results look great and useful. What are your opinions on this? Share them with us in the comments section.