image thumb111 Google Reader Gets Social

Google Reader has been updated to include new sharing features. It already had feed sharing, but now Friends Lists have been introduced to take the sharing to a new level. A custom Friends List can be made to share with people who aren’t in your Gmail contacts. The shared items in Google Reader are now automatically visible to your contacts by providing notifications about that share. You can also chose whether to share with any particular contact or not.

image5 thumb Google Reader Gets Social

The visual facelift for sharing in Google Reader has made it easier to share with your contacts or even those who aren’t in your Gmail list, while also providing great control over who to share with and what to share with them. This update has fixed some issues with the sharing feature which like in Gmail, used to show contacts that you’ve emailed even once in the lists. This sharing has introduced a new social twist to one of the best RSS Readers in the world. And with Facebook being considered as the most used bookmarking service in the world, it’ll be worth seeing whether Google Reader can challange that. This update would also require the recently covered Feedly, which is a Firefox extension of sorts for Google Reader.

image9 thumb Google Reader Gets Social