image thumb15 Google Pulls The Plug On Goog – 411 Service

Remember Goog – 411? The 911 for business listings started back in 2007. It was available for free and people could get listings on their mobile devices via SMS as well other than using voice commands to control the same. However, Google now thinks it has stretched the service long enough and its time to pull the plug.

The reason why the service was launched wasn’t really because Google wanted to be the dervish and help people out. The search giant was primarily concerned with collecting voice data to improve its Voice recognition technology. This is exactly what we see on numerous smartphones with us, primarily the Android and on the iPhone, Nokia, Windows and the BlackBerry smartphones.

But that by no means should mean that Google is done with voice. The blog post indicated that there is more to come in connection to voice functionality and I guess we would see these integrated better with its current services across the Web.

As for a recall on what Goog – 411, I managed to figure out our post from 2007:

The service could be accessed by calling 1-800-GOOG-411. People using the service from a mobile device can also have listings sent to them via SMS, including telephone number and full address. Users can also get connected to businesses. The service is completely managed by voice recognition softwares and the results are quiet stunning. The service does not support residential listings at the moment, however I expect that to come soon.

So RIP Goog – 411!