image thumb57 Google Preparing To Release New Features On Gmail?

Looks like there are a few updates ready to be introduced by Google for Gmail. According to the Google Systems blog, the internal build for Google’s email service has quite a lot of new features that have been spotted. Those that have already been in tests for quite some time now.

Once these changes are introduced, users will be able to see links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks just below the logo of Gmail along side a button taking place of the text link for composing an email message. Other notable changes include:

  • The inclusion of a Call Phone option within the Chat Box of Gmail. This was previously only available in the chat box of a conversation taking place.
  • There is also a button to let you switch between different Gmail accounts via a drop.
  • More compact links to unread, starred mails, etc.

I think introducing these changes is always a welcome move and though Gmail doesn’t really focus on tweaking its interface with pictures and graphics rather introduce better and more useful features. I was using Hotmail earlier and though the service appears pleasing to look at, I am not really a big fan of it anymore.

One more thing that I would like Google to focus on is take care of its downtime and Gmail Errors. What do you think about these tweaks? Do you have a wish list of features you would like to have on Gmail? Share them with us in the comments.

image thumb58 Google Preparing To Release New Features On Gmail?