image thumb14 Google Plus 1: Is This the Name Of The Google Social Network?

It seems like ages when I last talked about Google and its upcoming social network. I came across a post from MG Siegler and thought what exactly is the name of this new project of Google? We have been hearing for long that it is been called Google Me. But I suppose folks back at Google are working under codenames for now, which isn’t all that surprising given that almost all ideas are worked upon with codenames prior to finalizing the concept.

The Google social project has had its shares of enough codes already starting with the rumored Emerald Sea and Emerald City. But as of now it has been called the Google +1 or Google Plus One, though there is no confirmation as yet if this will be the final name of the product either. I fail to grasp the true concept behind this name but perhaps it could symbolize the voting, for example the Google’s version of the Facebook Like button, Twitter Retweet or the more recent LinkedIn Share button.

While all this will be revealed in time Sergey Brin is reportedly being actively involved in the implementation of the concept and to make it a reality, although we had been hearing that it was Vic Gundotra who was reported to be leading the social project. Lets see how Brin’s involvement in the project alters his role.

The social project from Google might do good enough, especially is this release is accompanied with toolbars on the countless Google services, perhaps as an extension for its acclaimed Chrome browser. Time alone will reveal the true form of Google Social Network.

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