image thumb51 Google On The Cloud – To Make Printing A Breeze With Cloud Print

I can print whatever I want to irrespective of where the document or page is: on my desktop or a page on the Web. But think Google and the Cloud bit, do you really think you will have a printer installed on your device if you walk into an office or a shop? I find it very problematic when it comes to printing a document and not having a driver installed. That’s changing as Google’s Chrome continues to build itself on taking everything to the Clouds, we have been talking and reading about the Chrome OS and it should clarify that it will provide everything via the browser, the Web.

The search giant has set itself a task to bring out Google Cloud Print. With this, users will have their problems resolved when it comes to printing anything from any application, via Web, mobile phones or your iPad for instance. The GCP is still staking the first steps in development and is one part of its bigger objective; the Chromium OS. Again printing any document from a desktop is not a problem for obvious reasons. The issue arises with the coming of handheld devices like the iPad or the Slate, which have limited memory and a device driver is the last thing you need to install. It is here that the migration to Cloud will help greatly and Google is doing exactly that.

In Google’s Own words:

We want users to be able to print to legacy printers via Google Cloud Print. This is accomplished through the use of a proxy, a small piece of software that sits on a PC where the printer is installed. The proxy takes care of registering the printer with Google Cloud Print and awaiting print jobs from the service. When a job arrives, it submits the print job to the printer using the PC operating system’s native print stack and sends job status back to the printer.

The concept is a killer and with the latest improvements Google is making to Docs users will rely more heavily on this. People with Smartphones and Tablets, be prepared to save some megabytes by uninstalling the printer driver.