image thumb16 Google Officially Enables Multiple Account Signin For Gmail

So what we talked about earlier regarding Google testing new feature for Gmail, which include phone call and the ability to login via multiple account sign-in. Today, the email service added support for this to let multiple account holders access each.

Users can simply logon to one account and switch between others at ease. Although the feature isn’t active for everyone and once it is users can simply visit this link and set it up. The same can be seen on the Google Accounts Page where you will see the option for multiple sign-in right beneath the Personal Settings [I still don’t see it on my profile]. The option will be off by default and you can opt for change to add accounts. Before you add accounts, remember that the first one you sign in to will be set as your default account.

The multiple account sign-in will primarily include Google services like Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Voice, Google Code and the App Engine. Any other service which doesn’t support multiple account sign-ins, you will be logged on with the default account. Once you are done activating the multiple sign-ins, users will be shown a drop down menu to see their various accounts, this would help facilitate the ease of switching accounts using various products, without the need to login to each.

image thumb17 Google Officially Enables Multiple Account Signin For Gmail

In my opinion, it is quite helpful given that many people are using multiple accounts for varying purposes. I for one have an account for official work, one for Startup Meme and another for communicating with friends and social profiles. A feature of this sort helps a lot managing numerous accounts and remove the task of signing in and out time and again.

If you are one of those folks who still haven’t got the option to enable multiple login you might be interested in a tip on How to access multiple Gmail Accounts.

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