image thumb134 Google now promoting Profiles in search results

Google is heading on towards a bit of Google Profile’s promotion by placing profile onebox in the main search results. Meaning if you have enabled sharing information your profile information with the world (you can do so by going here), the results for searches performed by your name will show a brief information about you. This would include links to various other profiles you have across other networks like Google, Facebook, etc. While this sounds quite a promotion for your profile I think there are chances of its abuse as well. Firstly how is Google sure that a person I search for is actually the right one, given that their might be people making fake profiles by the same name? Secondly, what happens if a person changes his designation, how early would these results be made visible in the first pages? I am not able to view such results when I perform a search as Google states that these are currently available for the US users only.