image thumb58 Google Nexus 3 Photos Leaked!I was thinking about getting my hands on the Google Nexus S from Samsung lately but for some odd reasons I just pulled off the idea. Lucky I did as there is solid enough rumor out about the next generation of the Google Nexus phone ready to make entry into the markets.

TechHog’s Michael Blake posted a photo of what he terms to be the third version of the Google Nexus. The design, well not something totally original to be honest as we have already seen something from Apple [iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS?]. As for the manufacturer, I personally think that Google will not be opting for Samsung again. Chances are quite high that we might see another one of the Nexus being manufactured by HTC.

Coming back to the photo, the device lacks the signature Android buttons like the Search, Menu, etc. Which to be honest aren’t really needed as the Android Honeycomb will not be needing those buttons anyway. While the HTC is a strong contender [since it also mentioned about porting Unlocked HTC phones] we mustn’t forget LG and its keen interest in Android or Motorola as for the matter.

The device will definitely have dual camera as well as boast a dual core processor. Which I think should be a must, given most of the device shipping by the end of this year will have dual core processors powering  them. Lets keep our fingers crossed and see what Google has to offer.

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