googlenewslogo thumb Google News tries ravishing new Design Google News is experimenting new ravishing and eye catching pages that brings you popular and spicy news and related articles along with perfect combination of pictures, video and quotes. Its true that pictures speaks louder than words and Google seems to adopt the trait of expressing news better with images and videos.

Google News has permission of publishing associated images and therefore it promotes stories with the help of  “featured photosâ€? section where images are powered by The Associated Press, Reuters.

The new UI is much more appreciable and has personalized all sections. Users can view a non personalized version to view differences.

Some of the major changes are:

  • Google’s News homepage is showing a list of “developing storiesâ€?
  • It has uploaded more images in the Science-technology section.
  • You can minimize front page sections into a iGoogle like widgets.
  • Clusters of Google News make the main title more prominent.

Whereas the new personalized version has also highlighted the footer :

“All the news that’s fit to crawl. Auto-generated from over 4500 news sources, void where prohibited."

Google News had officially announced about experimenting site’s looks back in June. Based on reader’s feedbacks, research and the revolutionise journalism concept, Google is working to improve its quality by trying it out on small number of randomly selected Google News Readers.

The new interface eliminates messy look making it  refreshing and clean. It might attract number of people as associated pictures turns non-interesting stories and facts into an appealing news.

googlenewspage thumb Google News tries ravishing new Design